Tuesday, July 12, 2011

self centered

i am the most self-centered person i know. i really need to work on it.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


this is so funny. i love camping, but it is still so valid!

slacker face.

i was recently reminded that i am a member of the blogging world, (thank you krisy) and that i have been a bit behind on the updates of my life. it is amazing how when nothing big is going on, i could blog all day about the randomness that is my mind, but when i make serious life-changing decisions, i seem to leave my poor blog out in the cold. my sincere apologies.

to all four people that read this blog, i will update you with the short version of what has happened in the last month of my life.  

i am watching the results show of sytycd, so i'm having major add with the post. ma bad.

but now that we are already on that tangent, i am so fascinated by leg extensions. seriously. i think it is because i secretly wish i had long legs! o wait, that's not a secret.

o, and who is florence and the machine? they are preforming right now. i think it is a band, rather than an individual. hence the "they" reference; rather than "she." i'm kind of a fan. look them up!

okay, back to the original purpose of this post: my life the past little while. at the risk of sounding like a 14-year-old girl that just realized justin bieber is, in fact, a girl; my whole life has kind of turned upside-down.

not that it is a bad thing: i am quite pleased with my life. in fact, i am really happy about where my life is taking me! i just didn't envision myself here right now.

so....drum roll please....(no really, please make a drum roll sound)....I'M GOING ON A MISSION!!!!

are you shocked? most people are quite blown away when i tell them. i didn't share with many people that i wanted to go, so i think it appeared like it came out of no where for some people. sorry babes!

but yes, i am suppose to get my call on July 27th (fingers crossed). feel free to give me guesses so i can put them up on my map!

another add moment, i LOVE maps! sometimes i just sit and look at my map! the world is so freaking big! i can't wait to travel around and see more of it!

o, and i have a new goal. i am going to get a deck of playing cards every time i go on a vacation. then i will have playing cards from everywhere! if anyone else goes to a cool places and wants to bring me playing cards, i would allow this thing to occur. ;)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

best. fourth. ever.

okay, this year was the best fourth of july ever! well, i might have just lied. this year was for sure tied for best fourth of july ever.

for one thing, aerials are now legal in utah! not like that kept us from doing them in the past, but now it is just better because there are so many more! and we could look out and see everyone else doing them too! so neat!

here is the real reason why though: i was in a real life tangled story. well, not the whole story, but the lantern part! a girl from my ward has spent a few months in china teaching english, and she brought back these sick lanterns! we had no idea, but then these lanterns started drifting to the heavens from the park by my house. i literally freaked out. it was exactly like tangled! it was so freaking cool! we just watched them until the went out, which was like millions of miles into the sky (slight exaggeration).

it was amazing and i am sure every 3-97 year-old girl is jealous right now. maybe even a few guys. just sayin.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

shining armor is over-rated.

(this picture has nothing to do with the following blog post, save the minor tin foil detail. i just thought it was funny)

i wrote a long blog post about this, but then i realized i was pretty much just rambling on. the moral on this post is that i want a dork in tin foil that doesn't need to swoop in at every minor tiff to save me. I want a man that will just stick close and let me defeat my own dragons. is that so hard to find?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

21 candles

i turned 21 yesterday. yay! i am really happy to be 21. probably the biggest reason is because my drivers license will get to switch orientations, which is pretty cool.

i wish i had taken more picture of birthday festivities, but there weren't really any. i went to work, then dinner with the family followed by some card games with friends. then night ended early so i had the blessed audrey come up for a chat.

overall, it was just a really chill birthday. not a big deal, but nice. thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday! and to those who didn't, i know you meant to. :)

Friday, May 20, 2011


i love the fact that it is friday. i have a love affair with friday. i would venture to say it is quite possibly the best day of the week. the jury is still out on that, but it's quite possible. there is nothing better than reaching 5:00 on a friday evening, leaving work, and having the whole weekend in front of you.

friday nights are better than saturday nights as well because it doesn't matter how late you stay out, you always have saturday morning to sleep in. this is not always the case with saturday nights. if you have church at 9:00, you are unable to sleep in, causing many saturday night festivities to be cut short.

not that i'm hating on saturdays, love them too! but there is always something that has to be done on saturday. things to be done are rarely scheduled for friday nights. the outcomes of friday nights are endless!

can you tell i am pumped for tonight?!?! too bad my stomach decided to be a drama queen and get upset. o well. play through the stomach ache!